The World Within

The World Within is a website I created for sharing information, resources, personal experiences, and insights related to the inner world.

The inner world can be explained as the world of inner experiences, including emotions, intentions, will, ideas, and decision-making – thus, it’s something that affects all of life, and awareness of this realm can help one expand and develop this area of one’s life. One can also work through things like suffering, emotional turmoil, inner conflicts, spiritual longing, and so on by looking at and trying to understand the realm in which these things exist. It’s an expansive subject, and this website is dedicated to it. A few sections:

  • Main page – this page hosts a blog with new articles, insights, updates, and information
  • Explore your Inner World – Guides to a number of techniques that are helpful for exploring and finding healing and balance in your inner world
  • Ailments – A number of articles with information, based off my experience, on a variety of “inner ailments” we can fall into – things like anxiety, anger, stress, and fear
  • Forum – a community for talking about these topics, sharing inner experiences and insights, helping each other, and just hanging out
  • About – general information about the website