Piano Music

Hello! One of the things I’ve found in life is that by expressing one’s inner self, one can help uncover self-understanding, as well as find one’s way through emotional territory that one might not have even known was present inside. One of the ways I’ve found to express is through music. Sometimes, I do through piano, and sometimes through song, and record it. Right now, the following playlist contains all of my current piano music:



While I don’t have many publicly available examples right now, I do have one I can share. This is from my website, The World Within, and was used as an example of how expressing through something like singing could help one work through one’s emotional state. I called it “Fading Shadows of War”:

As you might see, this isn’t for entertainment, not even my own. Rather, it’s for connecting with my emotions and feeling, getting as raw and real as possible with them, and letting them out. Through this I end up trying to reckon with them, understand them, and I experience them as they change – new places inside can be reached in this way, and as you may see in the song, it goes through aggressive, light, gentle, even playful phases. At the end, as I feel a sense of peace and even resolution, the song can naturally subside.