The Windless Echo – A Short Story Collection

My first published book, this is a collection of stories that touch on a broad array of human dilemmas as well as emotional and mental conditions. Drawn from my own experience and written as a means for working through things that are hard to see or find one’s way through otherwise, it’s my hope these stories connect with those who read them, and prove thought-provoking, inspiring, or bring out a sense of wonder, empathy, mystery, or consolation.

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The official description:

Written by Oliver Kaufman, author and founder of, these stories delve into the minds and feelings of characters as they struggle to resolve, understand, and uncover the realities of their experiences.

Joy and emptiness, rest and effort, meaning and madness – these and other themes weave their way into the tales and the problems these characters seek to unravel.

Contents: 18 Short stories, 178 6”x9” pages, ~62k words.

Also of note, two of the stories are available in audio form on youtube, both read by me: “The Prisoner of the Ashen Lake” and “The Woodchopper’s Son”.

The first story, “The Ashen Heart”, and part of the second, “The Woodchopper’s Son” , can be previewed on amazon.


Delucion’s a story I’ve been working on for a long time, since around 2007, and while I’ve made a lot of progress on it, there’s no end in site. So, I decided to start publishing it as a serial!

For more details on this adventure story, check it out on its own website:

A short description: Delucion is an ongoing story, following the adventures of a young man named Delucion as he seeks to uncover the nature of a world he suspected to exist, but had never known. An epic tale of a journey deep into an unknown world, Delucion teems with life and mystery. A host of characters are a part of his journey, and many threads tie together to paint the picture of a greater whole. Neither author nor characters know where the adventure will lead, but both continue forward into that unknown world, to see what there is to find. Tying together both a world of fantasy, and the world of those who record and tell the story, Delucion occupies a strange space between fiction and reality. What waits beyond the mountains? Who can say, but those who travel there?