Inner World Artwork

Here you can see some of the artwork I’ve done depicting aspects of my inner world. Essentially, the images, colors, characters are a way of visualizing various aspects of the self and the living consciousness that makes up my experience of life – in particular the things that are non-sensory, such as aspects of my will, understanding, abundance, or spirit. These images are in a way a celebration of the beings I’ve found there, and the experiences I’ve had:
Inner World Art

Abstract Art

And here’s some abstract art I’ve done. This is a method that relies on the intuitive sensing of colors and the chosen pen strokes as more is added to the image. For instance, if intensely getting something out, the strokes might be quick, sharp, jagged, while if the mood is more melancholy, they might go around and around in a slow, winding fashion. Doing this seems to be beneficial sometimes for feeling an improvement internally, such as on an emotional level: